DeepWater Buoyancy signs on as Sponsor for Netherlands ADCP Workshop

DeepWater Buoyancy signs on as Sponsor for Netherlands ADCP Workshop

The DeepWater Buoyancy team travels to the Netherlands in June as a major sponsor and participant in the tenth annual Aqua Vision, BV ADCP Workshop.

Our company, which produces the successor line to the legendary Flotation Technologies ADCP and Stablemoor ™ buoys, has been working with Aqua Vision BV to provide products to the European Oceanographic community.  DeepWater Buoyancy President David Capotosto will be available to discuss and assist our mutual customers in the selection of ADCP deployment products.

The Aqua Vision workshops give the opportunity to continue in-person conversations with key clients from across Europe.  Many of those conversations began at the Oceanology International conference in London during March.

“We’re a customer-focused team,” Capotosto noted.  “We are constantly working to improve our products and meet special requirements.  When we can, we take the opportunity to discuss them at industry events like OTC, a market sector event like Oceanology, or a regional event, like Aqua Vision’s workshop.  The result is a better selection of flotation systems and constantly-improved product designs.”

At the ADCP workshops, clients can see how DeepWater Buoyancy’s ADCP buoys, including the Stablemoor ™, support Teledyne RDI instrumentation.   Our design team has many years of experience with these integrated systems, which are reliable and stable at depths of over twenty-thousand feet.

“The participants of this workshop possess a broad spectrum of knowledge on how our products perform during challenging deployments and recoveries”, stated Capotosto.  “Working closely with end-users will allow us to refine our existing designs and develop innovative new products for the future.”

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StableMoor ADCP Buoys to Bedford Institute of Oceanography

StableMoor ADCP Buoys to Bedford Institute of Oceanography

DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc. has shipped five of our unique StableMoor  ADCP buoys to Canada in record time.  Each of these units is designed to contain Teledyne RDI ADCPs as well as a Sable 5000 Satellite Mooring Beacons.

Bedford Institute selected the StableMoor  design due to particularly high current velocities anticipated at the deployment site.  The subsurface buoys are manufactured from solid syntactic foam with integrally molded GRP tail fins and type 316L stainless steel handling and mooring hardware.

The buoys were ordered and shipped to our Canadian Distributor, ROMOR Ocean Solutions in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (

DeepWater Buoyancy Delivers Legacy Flotation Technologies Products

DeepWater Buoyancy Delivers Legacy Flotation Technologies Products

DeepWater Buoyancy Delivers

Flotation Technologies Marine Measurements

and Offshore Oil & Gas Products


First orders shipping to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and FMC

Teledyne RDI partner product line re-launched


DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc. has re-launched the reliable, time-tested oceanography/marine measurements line of syntactic foam ADCP buoys, StableMoor™ floats and trawl resistant bottom mounts (TRBMs) formerly manufactured by Flotation Technologies (Flotec).

DeepWater Buoyancy opened their doors on January 1, 2014 after securing the designs and manufacturing rights to the Flotation Technologies line of oceanographic products.  This month, the company is shipping StableMoor™ buoys, ADCP buoys and a wide range of cable floats and custom parts.  Loyal customers have embraced the Flotation Technologies designs and DeepWater Buoyancy’s ongoing investment in the manufacture and growth of these product lines.

“Teledyne RD Instruments and Flotation Technologies worked as industry partners for many years to ensure that the flotation products designed and manufactured by Flotation Technologies met or exceeded the demands of Teledyne RDI’s ADCP customers,” remarked Darryl Symonds, Director of Marine Measurements Product Lines for Teledyne RD Instruments.  “When Flotation Technologies’ parent company chose to discontinue the manufacture of this line of oceanographic flotation, Teledyne RDI was pleased to learn that DeepWater Buoyancy had stepped in to take it over, continuing to supply flotation products to the oceanographic community.  We look forward to working with DeepWater Buoyancy as we strive to meet the needs of our collective customers.”

DeepWater Buoyancy’s reliable ADCP deployment products (former Flotation Technologies designs) have supported Teledyne instruments for survey and research clients around the world.  These syntactic foam buoys are now leaving the production line at DeepWater Buoyancy, manufactured to the same rigid standards and tested with the rigorous discipline customers have counted on for decades.   At extreme depths, valuable undersea data must be supported, protected and successfully retrieved.

DeepWater Buoyancy also stocks parts for legacy Flotation Technologies products, with documentation, quick turn-around and help from the people who know them best.   Company President David Capotosto and other experienced former Flotation Technologies team members created DeepWater Buoyancy to serve their long-time customers with proven products and innovative subsea solutions.

DeepWater Buoyancy has already delivered for the offshore oil/gas industry as well.   The company has been approved as a worldwide supplier for FMC Technologies, and is now shipping syntactic foam flotation products to FMC’s Houston and Malaysian facilities.

Capotosto says his team is particularly enthused about two developments: DeepWater Buoyancy’s re-launch of its Teledyne RD Instruments partner line of ADCP deployment products, and the announcement of the company’s international sales network.

“We’ll be meeting our long-term friends and customers from around the globe next week at the Oceanology International conference in London ,” Capotosto noted.

“We’re also pleased to announce our greatly-expanded team of international sales representatives,” commented DeepWater Buoyancy’s sales director Dan Cote.  “We have experienced partners in place, ready to work with our marine measurements customers in countries such as Canada, India, China, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.  In fact, we have a network of representatives across Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.   Their work is further supported by our U.S.-based solutions team, already coordinating projects for the offshore oil & gas industry and the oceanographic community.”

Capotosto added that DeepWater Buoyancy is now shipping a wide variety of other polyurethane elastomer, composite and syntactic foam components for undersea use.   “We’ve just begun our journey, and it promises to be an exciting one,” said Capotosto.   “We’re grateful for our customers’ loyalty and strong support during this short transition period, and we look forward to re-connecting with them next week in London and at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) show in Houston on May fifth. “

About DeepWater Buoyancy:

DeepWater Buoyancy creates subsea buoyancy products for leading companies in the oceanographic, seismic, survey, military and offshore oil & gas markets.   Customers have relied on our products for over thirty years, from the ocean surface to depths exceeding six thousand meters.

For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  |  +1 207-468-2565

For further company information:  David Capotosto, President  |  |  +1 207-468-8545



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DeepWater Buoyancy Attends Buoy Workshop

DeepWater Buoyancy Attends Buoy Workshop

Our Sales Manager, Dan Cote, has left the cold Atlantic coastline and has made his way to sunny San Diego California.  He is attending the 10th ONR/MTS Buoy Workshop 2014.   Dan will be meeting with customers, getting updates on current projects and introducing DeepWater Buoyancy to the the world-class gathering of oceanographers and engineers attending this event.  While in San Diego, he will also be visiting our key partners at the Teledyne RDI Offices.

The Buoy Workshop is conducted with support from the Ocean Engineering and Marine Systems Group of the Office of Naval Research, and by the Marine Technology Society, Washington, DC.

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A Visit from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

A Visit from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

DeepWater Buoyancy was excited to have a visit from Chris Lumping and Dan Kot of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).  Chris and Dan were anxious to see the DeepWater team and tour the new facility.  They also got to look over their Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBS) blocks while they were here.  The OBS products are rated to 6000 meters and will ship in March.

For more about WHOI, Click Here. is no longer active.

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DeepWater Buoyancy has acquired the rights and designs for legacy Flotation Technologies (Flotec) products. We have been building these products and serving former Flotec customers since 2013. We invite you to look around our site and contact us with your needs.

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