At the request of one of our customers, DeepWater Buoyancy has recently completed the design, tooling and production of a new, stack-able marker float.  Marker floats are used in ROV and Survey operations around the world. Due to their unique acoustic signature and high visibility coloration they are a popular choice for marking bottom location to facilitate ROV maneuvering.

The traditional marker float, which has been produced for over 30 years, is the shape of a U.S. football. The new design has a square cross section.  The square shape provides an even stronger signature for location.  It also allows stacking for more efficient storage and shipping.  Like the traditional model, the “square” marker float is constructed with a durable, rotationally-molded shell and is filled with solid DeepTec™ syntactic foam.  It is molded from a bright yellow polyethylene for visibility.

Both models provide the same amount of buoyancy and are the same price for a given depth rating.   Standard models are available for 3000, 4000 and 6000 meters.  Of course, like all other DeepWater Buoyancy products, if you have a special requirement for a different depth, just ask.  We are glad to accommodate you.

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