Product Spotlight - MiniMod Small Modular Buoy

DeepWater Buoyancy is one of the world’s premier producers of subsea buoyancy products. Its portfolio of products include standard and custom solutions for all subsea markets including, ocean science, offshore energy, and military.

This month’s product spotlight focuses on one of DeepWater Buoyancy’s most versatile offerings: MiniMod™ Small Modular Buoys. Our customizable MiniMod™ solutions provide incremental buoyancy ideal for precision operations.

Modular Buoyancy Solutions for Light Offshore Applications

MiniMod™ modular buoys keep your offshore operations running smoothly. The compact design features an extremely durable body and fixtures to withstand harsh marine conditions, including saltwater corrosion, and high subsea pressures.

Its strength lies in its modular design. Simply add or remove blocks to adjust buoyancy as needed. Use MiniMod™ with ROVs and other marine equipment to achieve optimal load requirements with ease.

MiniMod™ Small Modular Buoys Benefit a Variety of Marine Operations

At DeepWater Buoyancy, we know that floatation requirements vary widely based on equipment weight, environmental conditions, vessel characteristics, and more. Our modular buoy design lets you modify buoyancy incrementally to account for these variable criteria.

Quick buoyancy adjustments with MiniMod™ modules help speed equipment deployment and hasten installations so you can minimize downtime and keep your offshore projects on track.

Our MiniMod™ Small Modular Buoys are ideal for light offshore operations with highly accurate lift value requirements. Applications that benefit from our MiniMod™ adjustable buoys include:

  • Deep sea equipment installation
  • Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) deployment
  • Offshore equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Mining, oil, and gas exploration operations
  • Load handling
  • Suspended moorings

Our easy-to use modular buoy blocks are also customizable. End-plates and thru hardware provide divers and other workers with user-friendly modification methods. User-friendly hardware lets your divers and other marine workers spend less time in the water, which further enhances your operation’s safety and efficiency.

Whether you need an adjustable buoy for a short-term project or long-term flotation, the MiniMod™ has the durability and flexibility you need.

MiniMod™ Small Modular Buoy

Customer Experience Highlight

In an excellent example of the advantages our MiniMod™, one of our clients recently used the modular buoy to boost buoyancy and balance underwater loads when tooling suites and steel tube flying leads (STLVs) proved too heavy for the customer’s ROV.

By incorporating the MiniMod™ equipment, the customer was able to tailor loads to accommodate the ROV’s capacity and lighten the part for easy of handling.

MiniMod Modular Buoys Are Durable and Easy to Use

The MiniMod™ modular buoy design is ideal for lighter applications. Our standard 7-modul buoy offers up to 325 kg of buoyancy and is rated for depths down to 6000 meters.

Each module features our proprietary high-strength DeepTec® solid syntactic foam with an abrasion-resistant coating of polyurethane elastomer for optimal durability. You can rely on the MiniMod to withstand challenging marine environments and rough handling.

Synthetic straps hold the syntactic foam modules together, enhancing buoyancy while preventing metal hardware corrosion. The straps also make the interlocking modules easier to handle, so you can quickly add or remove blocks as needed throughout your operation.

The MiniMod™’s rugged design and interlocking modules ensure years of trouble-free use for even the most extreme marine environments. Contact DeepWater Buoyancy to schedule a consultation and learn how MiniMod™ Small Modular Buoys can streamline your offshore operations.

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