DeepWater Buoyancy has recently retooled the CF-12 Quick-Loc™ cable float.  The new rotationally-molded design improves the durability and manufacturability of this product.

This updated design allows us to produce the hinge & latch or the bolt-on versions of the product using the same polyethylene shell.  The hinge & latch version allows for rapid  attachment and removal on your cable during deployment and recovery.  The bolt-on style is typically used for long term deployments that require increased attachment tension.  The product can also be ordered with both sets of features for maximum flexibility.  These floats can also be used on soft line, wire rope, chain and seismic streamers.

Have buoyancy requirements?  Please contact us to discuss your projects as we have many standard designs to meet your needs from the ocean surface to beyond 6000 meters depth.

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For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  |  +1 207 502 1400