DeepWater Buoyancy has recently retooled the popular Diver-Serviceable Bottom Mount.  In addition to improvements to the standard, welded bottom mount (BTM-AL50-A), a fold-able version was designed to reduce shipping costs, minimize space on deck and simplify handling for deployment (BTM-AL50-B).

Both of these rugged tripods come ready to accept your ADCP and remote battery canister, and can easily be modified to fit CTD, wave/tide gauge, velocimeter or other instrumentation.  The frames can also be fitted with acoustically-released popup buoys.

BTM-AL50’s are manufactured using  5000 series aluminum and galvanically-isolated fasteners, and are fitted with zinc anodes for superior corrosion resistance. The standard double-axis gimbal keeps your ADCP oriented to vertical after deployment and is manufactured using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to deter marine growth.  Fixed mounts can also be provided.

The units’ three foot pads are supplied with through holes for ballast or for spiking depending on your application. Standard (10lb/4.5kg) urethane-coated ballasts are provided for each of the three legs.  Additional ballast is available upon request .

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