DeepWater Buoys on Cover of Sea Technology FEB 2021

DeepWater Buoyancy is proud to grace the cover of the latest Sea Technology magazine this month.

Link to the magazine – Sea Technology February 2021 Issue


About the Photo

So what is happening in the photo?  We asked Sidney Bilski of Metocean Services International, owner of the photo.

“This photo depicts a deepwater (3,150 meter) mooring being prepared for deployment.  The mooring was for collecting a full water column current profile and water quality.  It was outfitted with a combination of single point current meters, ADCPs, CT loggers and water level recorders. This was deployed for Total offshore Namibia for a period of 1 year.”


Sea Technology Cover FEB 2021

About Metocean Services International

Metocean Services International is one of DeepWater Buoyancy’s international sales representatives.  They provide a full suite of metocean services globally, including oceanographic and meteorological data collection, integrated systems with live data display, metocean data processing & analysis, metocean desktop studies and marine weather forecasting.

From offices in South Africa and Australia, MSI has conducted projects in over 50 countries worldwide for a range of markets including government, oil & gas, engineering, mining, academic, survey, ports & harbours, construction & drilling, aquaculture and renewables.

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The Original Photo

Here is the full original photo for an unobstructed view of the mooring laid out on the vessel.

In view you can see both a Spherical ADCP Buoy and some Hydro-float® Mooring Buoys.

Original Photo of DeepWater Buoys on Deck Total Mooring

About DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc.

DeepWater Buoyancy creates subsea buoyancy products for leading companies in the oceanographic, seismic, survey, military and offshore oil & gas markets.   Customers have relied on our products for over forty years, from the ocean surface to depths exceeding six thousand meters.

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