Metocean Services International has selected DeepWater Buoyancy to provide buoyancy products for a large metocean project in East Africa.

The project being conducted by Metocean Services includes the collection of wave and surface currents, and meteorological data in two locations.  In another twelve locations, current profile and temperature data will be collected.  Systems will be deployed in water depths ranging from 53 meters to 2,600 meters.  Initial deployment will take place the end of 2015 with service visits at 4 month intervals. Data collection will take place over the course of 12 months.  Metocean Services will charter the vessel for all offshore operations.

For this project, DeepWater Buoyancy will be providing Trawl-Resistant Bottom Mounts (TRBMs) and Hydro-float™ Mooring Buoys (HMBs).  Flotation Technologies ADCP buoys owned by Metocean Services will be used for ADCP moorings.

DeepWater Buoyancy produces syntactic foam-based, subsea buoyancy solutions for oceanographic and oil & gas markets.  Metocean Services is well acquainted with the DeepWater Buoyancy product line having used the Flotation Technologies (Flotec) product for many years prior to the acquisition of legacy Flotec product lines by DeepWater Buoyancy in 2013.

For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  |  +1 207 502 1400

For further company information:  David Capotosto, Co-President |  |  +1 207 468 8545

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Metocean Services International is a provider of meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) services worldwide.  Formed in September 2003 by Stefan Stimson, Sidney Bilski and Bruce Spolander, Metocean Services now has offices in South Africa, Australia and Mozambique.  Services include oceanographic data collection, meteorological data collection, metocean data processing & analysis, marine weather forecasting and oceanographic equipment sales.

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