Instrument Collars

Designed for long term submergence, our instrument collars provide years of reliable service and stand up to rough handling during operations. Each collar yields the buoyant force needed for a rapid ascent and positive recovery without impairing the performance of the instrument. From shallow water surveys to ultra-deepwater positioning, you can count on these collars to help ensure overall success in the field.

These products are manufactured from a buoyant core of DeepTec® solid syntactic foam and are depth rated to 1000, 3000 or 6000 meters. A tough, rotationally-molded exterior shell provides superior impact and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane elastomer inserts are designed to put a soft, sure hold on the instrument housing. Fasteners can be provided in stainless steel, super duplex or titanium.

Standard designs and custom solutions are available. Standard collars are currently available to fit most instrumentation from the following manufacturers: Sonardyne, Nautronix, Applied Acoustics, ASL Environmental Sciences and Kongsberg Maritime.

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