Subsea Cable Floats

DeepWater Buoyancy’s line of Subsea Cable Floats provide low-drag distributed buoyancy for a variety of offshore, commercial, military and oceanographic applications. Available in a wide range of sizes, three different attachment styles, and with internal diameters sized to fit a wide array of cables, these floats are some of the most versatile buoyancy products available. All cable float offerings are available in depth ratings from 750 meters to 6000 meters.

Quick-Loc® cable floats feature a hinge and latch system for frequent deployment and recovery during ROV operations. Bolt-on style floats are designed for longer term deployments such as deep water moorings. A band clamp style of attachment is reserved for our smaller cable float offerings in order to maximize the buoyant force provided by each unit.

As standard, cable floats are offered with type 316 stainless steel hardware. Titanium or composite hardware may be specified, based on an application’s requirements.

HD series cable floats are ideal for large diameter armored cables and control umbilicals. Designed to handle the stresses caused by cable bending, HD style cable floats are designed with internal polyurethane elastomer inserts. These polyurethane elastomer inserts provide maximum grip and allow the cable to flex to its minimum bend radius without damaging the cable or flotation.

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HardBall® Float – The Solid Choice

HardBall® Float – The Solid Choice

An excellent alternative to glass sphere flotation, HardBall® Floats are built of strong solid materials for years of maintenance-free, reliable service.

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