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Southeast Asian Representative Added

Southeast Asian Representative Added

DeepWater Buoyancy has signed a representation agreement with Sea and Land Technologies of Singapore to provide sales and support of its entire product line to the Southeast Asian Region.

DeepWater Buoyancy produces the legacy Flotation Technologies (Flotec) syntactic foam product line. This includes oceanographic equipment such as ADCP deployment products and subsurface mooring buoys, as well as, flotation products for offshore oil and gas. The DeepWater Buoyancy oil and gas product line includes; modular buoys, instrument collars, marker floats, cable floats, ROV buoyancy and custom syntactic foam solutions.

Established in 1994, Sea and Land Technologies (SALT) has been synonymous with supply and support of high technology products and services for a variety of markets, including; Oceanography, Hydrography, Geophysical/Seismic, Meteorology, Hydrology, and Coastal Monitoring and Environmental studies. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, SALT is well-positioned to respond to the regional requirements of these markets.

SALT had been the ASEAN representative for Flotation Technologies for many years. Upon formation of DeepWater Buoyancy, SALT began the process of transitioning customers to the new company and has worked with DeepWater on many successful projects since then. “We are quite pleased to strengthen and formalize our ongoing relationship with Sea and Land Technologies”, stated David Capotosto, Co-President and Director of Business Development for DeepWater Buoyancy. “The SALT team is well acquainted with our products and their applications. We look forward to continued success together.”


For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  sales@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 502 1400

For further company information:  David Capotosto, Co-President | davidcap@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 468 8545

For more information or to contact Sea and Land Technologies:   sea-landtech.com


Metocean Services Selects DeepWater Buoyancy for East African Project

Metocean Services Selects DeepWater Buoyancy for East African Project

Metocean Services International has selected DeepWater Buoyancy to provide buoyancy products for a large metocean project in East Africa.

The project being conducted by Metocean Services includes the collection of wave and surface currents, and meteorological data in two locations.  In another twelve locations, current profile and temperature data will be collected.  Systems will be deployed in water depths ranging from 53 meters to 2,600 meters.  Initial deployment will take place the end of 2015 with service visits at 4 month intervals. Data collection will take place over the course of 12 months.  Metocean Services will charter the vessel for all offshore operations.

For this project, DeepWater Buoyancy will be providing Trawl-Resistant Bottom Mounts (TRBMs) and Hydro-float™ Mooring Buoys (HMBs).  Flotation Technologies ADCP buoys owned by Metocean Services will be used for ADCP moorings.

DeepWater Buoyancy produces syntactic foam-based, subsea buoyancy solutions for oceanographic and oil & gas markets.  Metocean Services is well acquainted with the DeepWater Buoyancy product line having used the Flotation Technologies (Flotec) product for many years prior to the acquisition of legacy Flotec product lines by DeepWater Buoyancy in 2013.


For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  sales@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 502 1400

For further company information:  David Capotosto, Co-President | davidcap@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 468 8545

About Metocean

Metocean Services International is a provider of meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) services worldwide.  Formed in September 2003 by Stefan Stimson, Sidney Bilski and Bruce Spolander, Metocean Services now has offices in South Africa, Australia and Mozambique.  Services include oceanographic data collection, meteorological data collection, metocean data processing & analysis, marine weather forecasting and oceanographic equipment sales.

For more information or to contact Metocean Services International:   metoceanservices.com

DeepWater Buoyancy Sponsors ADCPs in Action in Australia

DeepWater Buoyancy Sponsors ADCPs in Action in Australia

DeepWater Buoyancy is co-sponsoring ADCPs in Action in Australia (AiAiA) on May 12-14.  The event is being hosted by UVS Pty Ltd.  UVS is a long term partner of DeepWater Buoyancy and represents us in Australia.

ADCPs in Action events are Teledyne RDI programs that are held in San Diego, India, Australia and the Netherlands.

Learn more about the event here… http://www.uvs.com.au/AiAiA

Download the event program here… AiAiA-2015-Program


Retooled Cable Float

Retooled Cable Float

DeepWater Buoyancy has recently retooled the CF-12 Quick-Loc™ cable float.  The new rotationally-molded design improves the durability and manufacturability of this product.

This updated design allows us to produce the hinge & latch or the bolt-on versions of the product using the same polyethylene shell.  The hinge & latch version allows for rapid  attachment and removal on your cable during deployment and recovery.  The bolt-on style is typically used for long term deployments that require increased attachment tension.  The product can also be ordered with both sets of features for maximum flexibility.  These floats can also be used on soft line, wire rope, chain and seismic streamers.

Have buoyancy requirements?  Please contact us to discuss your projects as we have many standard designs to meet your needs from the ocean surface to beyond 6000 meters depth.

See all our product types HERE

For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  sales@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 502 1400

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Representation

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Representation

DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with Waters & David Co. of New Orleans for sales representation of its oil and gas products in the Gulf Coast.

“We are pleased to have the Waters & David team acting as our representatives,” said DeepWater Buoyancy Co-President & Director of Business Development, David Capotosto.   “Peter Waters and his team understand the needs of our oil and gas customers in this region and are present in the area to help us to better serve them.”

Waters & David provides sales representation in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.  They have been representing manufacturers of quality marine products for over thirty years.

“At Waters & David we focus on direct personal relationships with our customers,” said Peter Waters, Owner and Co-founder of Waters & David. “DeepWater Buoyancy values this about us.  They strive for outstanding customer service to complement their line of subsea buoyancy products.  We are excited about being their representatives to their existing customers in the Gulf Coast, as well as, introducing their line to new customers.”

DeepWater Waters David Signing Oil Gas Gulf Coast Rep

Peter Waters and David Capotosto sign the representation agreement at the DeepWater Buoyancy facility.


DeepWater Buoyancy secured the designs and manufacturing rights to a select group of former Flotation Technologies oceanographic and oil & gas products, and has been manufacturing and enhancing those systems from its facility in Biddeford, Maine since 2013.   Waters & David will be representing the oil and gas line which consists of products for the survey, seismic, ROV and installation markets.

Products include marker floats, cable floats, instrument collars, installation buoyancy and ROV/skid buoyancy.  In addition to the standard product line, which has over 30 years of proven syntactic foam and product technology, DeepWater Buoyancy specializes in producing custom designs to meet specific customer needs.

DeepWater Buoyancy has an existing network of international sales representatives for its oceanographic products throughout the globe, across six continents.


For further sales information:  Dan Cote, Sales Manager  |  sales@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 502 1400

For further company information:  David Capotosto, Co-President | davidcap@deepwb.com  |  +1 207 468 8545


To download a PDF of this press release CLICK HERE


About Waters and David:

Waters & David Company provides exceptional coverage in a large geographic territory encompassing the Central South/Gulf market.  The Waters & David group (Peter Waters along with Chris Kelly, Clayton Smith and Kurt Fromherz) brings extensive knowledge to both the customer and the manufacturer in the form of close familiarity with the product and the market.  www.watersanddavid.com



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