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Below you will find a list of our standard products. More than half of what we make is either a completely custom product or a customized version of a standard product. So look through the gallery below, but if you don’t see something that fits your application, please contact us to discuss.

  • Spherical ADCP Buoys

    Manufactured from high-performance DeepTec® syntactic foam and fitted with 316L stainless steel and titanium hardware, spherical ADCP Buoys are designed to outperform and outlast conventional mooring flotation. Available with depth ratings from 200m to 6000m, they require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable under the most rigorous deepwater conditions.

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  • Elliptical ADCP Buoys

    These buoys are have the same rugged design as the spherical ADCP buoys, but have an elliptical shape for higher current applications. Available with depth ratings from 200m to 6000m.

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  • StableMoor® Mooring Buoys

    For a more extreme current application, turn to the StableMoor® line of buoys. These unique ADCP buoys are customized for your particular application. Accounting for depth, instrument types and current, this design will give you stable data in unstable waters.

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  • ADCP Inline Mooring Frames

    Our in-house engineering and metal fabrication capabilities can identify a standard frame for your application or customize one to suit your needs. Working in stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, we can get your frames in line.

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  • Updated

    Instrument Bottom Mounts

    Whether your bottom mount requirement is for a mid-frequency or high-frequency ADCP, we can accommodate you. These diver-serviceable units can be produced to accept your ADCP, battery, CTD, acoustic modem or other instrument. The popular BTM-AL50 is now offered in both welded and collapsible versions.

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  • Trawl-Resistant Bottom Mounts

    These TRBMs may be deployed by free-fall, or by a diver or ROV. They have a double axis gimbal inside a buoyant recovery pod, and are designed to permit retrieval of all mounted instruments. An optional Spectra line pack can be provided for recovery of the base for turnaround deployments. Our TRBMs are available in depths of over 500 meters. We also offer disposable concrete bases.

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  • New Product

    Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System

    DeepWater Buoyancy’s Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System (PUB) allows for direct retrieval of seabed packages, such as anchors, anchor lines, and bottom-mounted frames and instruments.

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  • Hydro-float® Mooring Buoys

    DeepWater Buoyancy’s subsurface mooring buoys are more versatile and reliable than conventional hollow glass or metal floats. The buoys may be cast with through holes and instrumentation pockets on any axis without compromising their strength because of their solid construction. Clamps and mounting hardware can be added for any user-supplied instrumentation.

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  • Cable Floats

    Hydrodynamic cable floats provide low-drag distributed buoyancy for a variety of offshore, commercial, military and oceanographic applications. Available with two attachment methods and sized to fit any cable, these floats are some of the most versatile buoyancy products available. They are available with depth ratings to 6000m. Ask about our Quick-Loc® hinge and latch system for frequent deployment and recovery.

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  • Marker Floats

    Rugged and highly visible, our marker floats are used in ROV and Survey operations around the world. A tough rotomolded exterior shell resists damage to the DeepTec® syntactic foam core even during the roughest handling.

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  • Instrument Collars

    Designed for long term submergence, our instrument collars provide years of reliable service and stand up to rough handling during operations. Each yields the buoyant force needed for a rapid ascent and positive recovery without impairing the performance of the instrument. From shallow water surveys to ultra deepwater positioning, you can count on these collars to help ensure overall success in the field.

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  • HardBall® Floats

    HardBall® Floats provide distributed buoyancy for cable laying, offshore, and oceanographic applications. They are available in a range of sizes and depth ratings. Unlike glass balls or hollow plastic floats, HardBall® Floats cannot leak or implode. Only the highest strength, epoxy-based DeepTec® syntactic foams are used to form the core — no macrospheres or other high risk materials.

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  • Modular Buoy System by DeepWater Buoyancy

    Modular Buoy System

    Modular buoys are the most versatile approach for offshore applications. They are offered in a variety of standard sizes with buoyancy as great as 10 tons and depth ratings to 3000 meters and beyond. For installation of pipeline sleds, jumpers or suspended moorings, this multi-purpose product offers a straightforward way to meet buoyancy requirements.

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  • MiniMod Modular Buoy by DeepWater BuoyancyNew Product

    MiniMod™ Small Modular Buoy

    MiniMod™ small modular buoys are designed for lighter applications. Still rated to depths as great as 6000 meters, the standard 7-module buoy can provide up to 330 kg of buoyancy. Made from high-strength DeepTec® solid syntactic foam that is finished with an abrasion-resistant, polyurethane elastomer coating, these buoys can stand up to rough handling on-deck and in the water. The syntactic foam modules are held together and handled by use of synthetic straps, as opposed to metal hardware for corrosion resistance, ease of handling, and no loss of buoyancy.

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  • New Product

    Mooring Line Cable Fairing

    Under certain flow conditions, taut mooring lines can vibrate or “strum”. The strumming is caused by vortices that result from the water passing over the line diameter. Strumming not only creates cable fatigue, it can have a detrimental effect on instruments in the mooring string. Our cable fairings reduce strumming by eliminating this vortex action. The result is a reduction in both strumming and drag.

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  • ROV Buoyancy

    We provide the highest quality flotation for offshore, research, commercial and military vehicles. Made with DeepTec® syntactic foam, these floats are the most reliable and cost-effective choice for ROV, AUV and tow body flotation. Whether you are outfitting a new vehicle or tooling package, or require customized add-on buoyancy, you will get a superior product and quick turnaround.

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  • ROVits®

    Designed similarly to “tether balls,” ROVits® are our answer to the request for multi-purpose small floats. ROVits® provide buoyancy to make manipulator and ROV tasks easier, especially where hardware like lift eyes, pins, and handles are involved. ROVits’® rugged design and 3000m depth rating make them the most versatile tool in your support van.

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  • Polyurethane Elastomer Products

    To complement our line of DeepTec® syntactic foams, we also produce a wide range of polyurethane products for deep submergence. Custom clamping solutions, protective coatings and flexible cable products can be cast in any size or durometer.

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